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If you or a loved one needs an attorney near Pulaski County, VA, you can count on Turk & Turk, P.C. Criminal defense is one of the most crucial parts of the American justice system, which is why we make ourselves available for all types of criminal cases. We have attorneys with experience in criminal proceedings, up to and including murder trials. In addition to felony and misdemeanor violent crimes, we also represent countless clients in traffic crimes cases.

Whether you need to appeal a speeding ticket in court or have a vehicular manslaughter case, you can count on our attorneys to defend your rights. Give us a call today at (540) 639-9056 or contact us online for more information on criminal law.

Personal Injury Representation for Dublin, VA, and Surrounding Areas

Personal injury cases happen consistently in Dublin, VA, and surrounding areas in Pulaski County. Most of us know somebody who experienced an unfortunate injury due to an accident, whether involving a car crash, animal bite, or other untimely mishap. What many people do not realize is the expenses that come along with many injuries. Medical bills piling up or lost wages due to missing work are all possibilities when you experience an accident. While in most cases, the injuries do happen by accident, negligent parties are still liable for causing the injuries through their actions or failure to act. Talk to the personal injury attorneys at Turk & Turk, P.C., and begin the litigation process for wrongful injuries or death.

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Family is one of the most important things for many Pulaski County residents, which is why protecting them at all costs is a vital part of the legal system. Family law deals with issues that arise with family members of all kinds, including parents, spouses, children, and grandparents. Financial agreements and custody disputes require practiced legal hands, and that is where Pulaski County families choose Turk & Turk, P.C. Our experienced attorneys have the track record to represent family members and protect children in any case. For more information on anything from divorce to adoption, give our attorneys near Pulaski County, VA, a call today.