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Charged With a Felony? Talk to Our Criminal Defense Attorneys in Radford

When you need a qualified defense attorney in Radford, VA, talk to the legal staff at Turk & Turk, P.C. With over 70 years of experience in criminal law, our attorneys have the expertise to represent clients in felony cases, up to and including murder. Receiving a felony charge can make significant changes to your life, including fines, prison time, and a permanent criminal record. Our criminal defense attorneys find all of the facts in your case and fight for your rights in court for the best outcome possible. We have represented clients in hundreds of criminal trials, and have become some of the most trusted names in the New River Valley. 

For more information on felony criminal law, talk to our attorneys today. Give us a call at (540) 639-9056 or contact us online to take the first step toward effective representation.

Turk & Turk, P.C., Represents Clients Charged With Misdemeanors

If you find yourself accused of committing a misdemeanor of any kind, choose the qualified attorneys at Turk & Turk, P.C., for your criminal defense. Our decades of experience in criminal law proceedings prove valuable during your day in court. If we cannot handle your case through alternative resolution methods, we will go on a fact finding mission to secure the best outcome during your case. Between a criminal record and incarceration, you cannot afford to entrust your case to anyone but the best. Contact our attorneys today for more information on misdemeanor criminal law representation.

Call Our Office When Charged With a Traffic Crime in the Radford Area

Since our law office opened, our attorneys have represented many clients charged with traffic crimes in the Radford area. From excessive speeding tickets to charges of driving under the influence or manslaughter, you are entitled to legal representation. Our attorneys know the law inside and out and work to uncover the facts in any traffic charge. 

We work with drivers throughout the New River Valley, including in areas like Blacksburg, Christiansburg, and Roanoke. For more information on traffic crimes representation, contact Turk & Turk, P.C., today.